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Content Analysis

Your Company Only Has One Story. Make It Great. Instantly discover areas for improvement on your website with this miracle tool. Each page is scored to help you can quickly compare vast amounts of content in a hurry.

Scoring helps because locating content is a pain. After you discover areas for improvement, you will love the easy recommendation system only available here.

Why Content?

Content Drives Commerce. Whether you want to reduce costs, increase sales, get more traffic, or improve customer satisfaction, the key is your content.

Content is how your company communicates with the world. Content includes text, images, video, and links. Potential customers, current customers, investors, suppliers, and other business partners all form opinions based upon your content and how well it communicates your message.

Heatmap Analysis

Epics are Meant to be Read. No matter how good the story, it does not matter if customers do not see it. See where website visitors are potentially looking, and what they might miss.

This unique tool uses algorithms to predict where people look. Some features, including mobile screen predictions, are only available to subscribers.